Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. When you create a raffle, the NFT prize you have chosen will be transferred from your wallet into an escrow wallet.

  2. You will be charged an up-front rent fee, in BNB, which will be taken in proportion to the number of tickets you choose to raffle, with a maximum rent fee of 0.01 BNB. The rent fee will be automatically refunded after the raffle concludes.

  3. If no tickets are sold for your raffle, your NFT will be returned to you. If even one ticket is sold, the NFT is non-refundable to you.

  4. You can specify the amount of time a raffle runs at the creation of the raffle. Raffles require a minimum 24 hour run time.

  5. Rabbit Inu will take a 5% commission fee from the ticket sales.

  6. To enable Holder-only, you will be charged 0.01 BNB per raffle withdrawn at the time of creation. More information about holder-only raffles is available on the create raffle site.

  7. Raffles CANNOT be edited or canceled once a ticket is sold.

  8. Purchasing your own tickets with alternative wallets will result in your raffle being marked as suspicious and removed from all search results on raffle.

  9. Rabbit Inu, its agents, directors, or officers shall not assume any liability or responsibility for your use of Rabbit Inu dApp, promoting or marketing the raffles.

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