Rabbit Inu Raffle

Rabbit Inu Raffle

Rabbit Inu dApp introduces an exciting and versatile Create Raffle feature, providing users with the ability to Raffle an NFT prize from a verified collection. When setting up a raffle, the chosen NFT prize will be securely transferred from the user's wallet to the smart contract within the platform.

To participate in the raffle, owner will be charged a rent fee in BSC, corresponding to the number of tickets they choose to purchase. If no tickets are sold throughout the raffle duration, the user's NFT will be promptly returned. It's important to note that once at least one ticket is sold, the NFT prize will no longer be eligible for return.

Owner have the option to select multiple winners for a raffle. In such cases, Rabbit Inu will provide a list of winners without specifying individual prizes. Instead, the NFT prize will serve as a placeholder.

With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Rabbit Inu dApp provides an exceptional platform for organizing raffles, empowering users to engage in thrilling experiences and offering unique NFT prizes. These functionalities foster a vibrant and transparent ecosystem where participants can unleash their excitement and immerse themselves in the world of digital collectibles.


The owner must set a fixed price for all tickets.


The Create Raffle feature allows users to set the duration of the raffle according to their preference, with a minimum requirement of 24 hours.


During the raffle period, the platform will deduct a 5% commission fee from the total ticket sales.

Note: Once a ticket is sold, the raffle settings, including the NFT prize and duration, cannot be modified or canceled. This ensures transparency and fairness for all participants.

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